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About Us


The KC Regional COAD is a body of voluntary agencies and faith-based groups and people who Serve and Care: These non-profit agencies and faith groups seek to: Communicate, Cooperate, Coordinate and Collaborate in times of disasters. The 4 C’s, as they are known by COAD members, are the essential actions needed to effectively serve, in the event and time of a disaster. Through collaboration, cooperation, communication, and coordination of goods and services, time, energy, and funds are better utilized and the victims of disasters are better served. When disasters take place, the COAD provides an immediate structure thereby making service delivery more effective with less duplication.


After several natural disasters during the 1990’s the leaders of many community service agencies and religious service-oriented groups determined that there was a need for a “local VOAD” modeled after and related to the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (NVOAD). The VOAD was organized in 2000. Since the COAD organization, and especially since the advent of the 21st century, the VOAD has served as a “key player” in Disaster Response through Ice Storms, Floods, Tornados, and Wind destruction. The KC Regional VOAD comes under the umbrella of the Kansas and Missouri state VOAD. The parent agency is National VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster). Following Hurricane Camille in 1969, national representatives from voluntary agencies met to discuss how they could better work together to fill the gaps and eliminate duplication. On July 15, 1970, seven voluntary organizations came together to hold the first meeting of what we now know to be NVOAD.


In accordance with a pre-determined set of protocols the KC Metro COAD is called into action immediately to become informed as to the scope of the disaster and the various goods and services needed. A plan of action is outlined and followed until the services of the COAD are no longer needed.


Chair – Mike O’Neal, Platte County Sheriff’s Office / Emergency Management

Vice-Chair – Julia Pedrosa, American Red Cross, Greater Kansas City Chapter

Recording Secretary – Dawn Miller, Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity

Membership Secretary – Lorie Snyder, Kansas City MO Health Department

Treasurer – Megan Lynch, Johnson County KS Emergency Management